Data security Certification of EPR providers

The Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRA) stipulates how the EPR should be organised and made secure from a technical point of view. Each EPR provider is assessed, certified and regularly inspected.

Certification mark as seal of quality

Only certified EPR systems may use the official EPR certification label. This demonstrates that the provider is trustworthy and meets all the legal requirements relating to EPRs as specified by federal law.

EPR certification mark, which identifies EPR providers as certified offers according to federal law

Over 100 requirements

The technical and organisational certification requirements for EPR providers contain well over 100 requirements concerning data protection and data security.


Highest security standards

The formal certification process ensures that these requirements are met in practice. For the EPR, the highest security standards are in place, and these are also legally enforceable since they have been incorporated into legislation.
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Last modification 10.12.2020